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2013 Offices

A peak inside BookItOut events and our four offices across the country.

2013 Offices (12 photos)

2013 On The Road

Spied! Pictures include events from coast to coast.

2013 On The Road (6 photos)

2012 Jax Int'l Car & Truck Show

BookItOut teamed up with local radio stations and dealerships at the annual Jacksonville International Car & Truck Show.

2012 Jax Int'l Car & Truck Show (4 photos)

2012 UNF Market Days

Building brand awareness amongst millennials at the University of North Florida.

2012 UNF Market Days (2 photos)

2011 Keith Urban concert

Connecting with users before a country concert.

2011 Keith Urban Concert (2 photos)

2011 Tailgaiting

Building brand awareness at tailgates throughout the south.

2011 Tailgaiting (2 photos)

2011 TV Interview

Backstage shots from interviews in Tampa.

2011 TV Interview (3 photos)

2011 IWYS Project

BookItOut was the title sponsor for a custom BMW M5 wrap with IWYS and TEKST.

2011 IWYS Project (3 photos)

2011 Digital Dealer

BookItOut ruled "The Strip" at the 2011 Digital Dealer conference at Las Vegas, Nevada.

2011 Digital Dealer (16 photos)

2010 NIADA

BookiItOut exibited at 2010 NIADA conference at Las Vegas, Nevada. Fenomenal conference, great people!

2010 NIADA (7 photos)

2010 NADA

BookiItOut exibited at 2010 NADA conference at Orlando, Florida. Customers and prospects alike, stopped by our booth to check out new features!

2010 NADA (12 photos)

News Tops One Million Vehicles In Only Nine Months

Jonathan Hedy (, Executive Vice President
Jacksonville, Florida

CAR WEBSITE HELPS SHOPPERS, CATAPULTS PAST COMPETITION offers car shoppers an enormous selection - over one million vehicles from more than 5,300 dealerships. launched in September 2011 under the leadership of Jonathan Hedy, a 23-year old entrepreneur; it started from nothing, and is currently the fastest growing automotive marketplace. Hedy is no stranger to the car business; his family owns the largest dealer management software company in the industry. "I attribute BOOKITOUT's profound success to our business model and user experience. Dealerships and private sellers utilize our service, which provides car shoppers one of the largest and friendliest marketplaces available anywhere online," says Hedy. In fact, no other automotive marketplace has experienced such rapid growth prior to turning ten months old. Tops One Million Vehicles In Only Nine Months appeared on the Thomson Reuters sign in Times Square, NYC allows dealerships to list an unlimited number of vehicles for sale, for $295 per month (or $300 per sale with no monthly fees). By charging dealers to list inventory, BOOKITOUT does not charge private sellers to list vehicles for sale and does not display obtrusive advertisements on the site. This approach, which focuses entirely on design and affordability, is responsible for BOOKITOUT's rapid growth and top ratings by independent consumer reviews. For instance, BOOKITOUT's search resembles one of the Internet's most popular websites, Pinterest, and is preferred by 9 out of 10 users when compared to other automotive marketplaces. "We set out to make car shopping fun again," states Hedy. " brings car shopping into the 21st Century, and we promise to continually evolve with the needs of shoppers." BOOKITOUT's elastic cloud platform ensures continued growth will not result in bottlenecks or increased fees.

When asked about the success of dealerships, Hedy cited several examples, including a small, used-car startup that sold three cars during its opening month on Similar success stories, coupled with huge savings in online advertising, have made BOOKITOUT the buzz amongst dealerships. According to dealer analysis, BOOKITOUT's conversion rate is higher than any other listing service. "We appreciate the dealerships' trust in our program, and are happy to increase their bottom line," proclaims Hedy. Successful sales do not end with dealers. Unlike other sites that charge private sellers to list a vehicle for sale, not only allows individuals to list vehicles free of charge, but also guarantees a cash offer within 24 hours. This ensures private sellers can sell their car quickly and easily. Low prices and superior design have driven buyers and sellers to in record time; aggressive SEO and advertising campaigns promise to continue this trend.

About BookItOut

BookItOut, Inc. is a leading information technology provider for the automotive industry, dealing exclusively with used car dealers, finance, and insurance companies. BookItOut developed a revolutionary, patent pending process that has set a new standard in vehicle valuations by analyzing data directly from dealerships nationwide. This allows BookItOut to provide a vehicle’s true-cost value drilled down to the user’s specific zip code. BookItOut vehicle values are derived not solely from auction sales but from 100% of market transaction types. BookItOut provides actual purchase, retail, and wholesale values from actual dealers, with adjustments for options, reconditioning costs, and mileage. BookItOut values update daily, and include a vehicle’s average days in inventory, average gross profit, and a vehicle history report. Users no longer have to choose between a national, regional, or state value; BookItOut values are specific to one’s zip code, and are accessible through any Internet-capable device, such as a computer or mobile phone. Whether behind a desk or in an auction lane, BookItOut helps users make informed business decisions quickly and easily. Please visit for a free trial and additional information.

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